Firstly, thanks for dropping in. I know how valuable time is and i appreciate you giving up some of your time to visit.

You are probably here for the same reason as many other visitors - you need to address an occupational health and safety issue for your business.

Whether you are a builder, subby, trade contractor, civil industry or plant operator (or any other small business) - on this site you will find solutions to all of your OHS needs, including:

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS): Each client/builder/state government/company seems to want different SWMS and its frustrating and time consuming keeping up. Let us help you with 'off the shelf' or custom made SWMS that will comply and be approved wherever you work.
  • Safety Management Systems and Procedures: Many clients and government bodies require you to have safety systems and procedures that meet various standards e.g. AS4801(Safety) or ISO14001 (Environmental). We will help you develop and implement systems that suit your business needs and will meet required standards.
  • Managing safety needs: Small business knows they have legal obligations for safety but often struggle with the time, resources and knowledge to manage them. We will work with you to tailor make a service to manage your needs.
  • Inspections and Audits: Good safety requires that you regularly inspect and audit workplaces to ensure that potential safety issues are being identified and managed. Running a small business often means limited time, resources and expertise to do comprehensive inspections and audits. We can conduct 'one off ' or regular planned visits to your workplace to help you manage your inspection and audit obligations.

Please use the Contact* page to outline what assistance your business needs.

You will then receive a written proposal outlining a draft strategy to meet your business needs.
* all registrations on the Contact page will receive a complementary Business Safety Self Assessment Checklist